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   The French “Association d’Économie Sociale”

Welcome to the website of the French “Association d'Économie Sociale” founded in 1979 that has been given to encourage the production and dissemination of research in Social Economics. A more detailed description of the “Association d'Économie Sociale” is included in the link “ The Association”. You will find links to websites friends in the “Our Partners”.

Each year the Association awards a prize that rewards the work of young researchers in the field of Social Economics. This award is called the “Prix Jacques Tymen” in honor of the one who was the President of the Association in 1985-1986 and brutally disappeared in 1987. The list of award recipients included in the link “The J. Tymen Award”.

The Association organizes almost every year an annual conference. You will find in the link “The Annuals Conferences” summary of all these conferences, since the first organized in 1979 held at Gif-sur-Ivette by the Centre for Study and Research on Savings, Wealth and Inequality (Cérépi, Université Paris-X Nanterre and CNRS, ERA 86).

A search engine is in the link “The Proceedings” and it enables you to run the engine within the proceedings of the annual conferences of the “Association d'Économie Sociale” since 1997.

Information on the next conference of the Association can be found following the link “AÉS 2021”.